August 26, 2019:
I made a playlist for March 2004. Listen here.

March 1, 2019:
I was invited to design a shirt for the International Womxn's Day capsule collection for Everpress. This shirt will be available to order for the next 3 weeks 

"The flowers, leaves, and stone fall into a body of weary paths or the form of a loose corporeal figure. The composition of organic materials is an homage to the womxn in Zapata’s life and their relationships to nature."

Order here

February 22, 2019:
I was invited to make the centerfold poster of the February issue of Crack Magazine available in the U.K. and Europe — this is a limited run of 50 prints for sale in their online store for £30.

"Graphic designer Crystal Zapata operates within the underground club scene, creating rave flyers that marry 1960s Italian design with the retro aesthetic of Chicago house flyers from the 80s and 90s. Through pastel abstractions and minimalist typography, Zapata’s exclusive poster for Crack Magazine urges readers to ‘PRACTICE EMPATHY’."

Click here to purchase