A School, A Park, 2018 – workshops with François Girard-Meunier, Ingrid Rousseau, and Girls Like Us
“A School, A Park is a graphic design program based in Montreal, Canada. It is primarily driven by a workshop format, where participants spend 3–5 days at a time, working on projects both individually and collaboratively, under the guidance of invited tutors who structure these workshops in relation to their own practice. The program emphasizes experimentation and process over the need for a particular outcome, engaging with design outside of an explicitly client-based and commercial practice, into something more personally driven. The setting is meant to be informal, open and supportive, where participants feel comfortable working through unfamiliar ideas and curiosity.”

Printed works included in 2017 exhibition, Combination Skin, at The Annex at Little Berlin in Philidelphia. 
“Combination Skin is a group show centered around the manipulation of the body, ranging from the abject to the whimsical. The body is a site of construction and maintenance, particularly for women. It is carved away, built up, filed, twisted, bent, and bound. Through hygiene rituals, anxious habits, and beauty regimens, women’s bodies are sculpted daily. Both visceral and playful, the work in this show examines the body as sculpture, as well as the internal and external forces that sculpt it.” Liz Barr, curator

Works produced in 2015 for Shared, a book curated by Molly Soda and Sara Sutterlin, later published by Firey Things in 2017.

“Compiled by Amalia and Sara, ‘Shared’ functions as a dialogue between artists, between aesthetics and between mediums. It eulogises work we’ve taken for granted in the endless scrolls of our feeds, crystallising it on the printed page. It listens to hushed voices, and sheds light on the spaces we habitually overlook. It grapples with identity, feminism, the digital age, and the subversion of oppressive binaries. The latter functions to reiterate the importance of its name; Shared is a collaborative compilation of individual voices re-imagined through the dynamism of collaboration.” – Rebecca Storm

Works from 2016 exhibition, Undeself, at The Alcove at Columbia College Chicago.