A collection of commissoned and self-initiated books that I have designed.
2015 – 17

Agency: Leo Burnett Department of Design
Client: 1871
Principal: Alisa Wolfson
Designer: Peter Ty

1871 is a co-working, entrepreneurial hub for digital startups located in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. 1871 is a non-profit organization, and allows designers, coders and entrepreneurs to use the space to grow around like-minded professionals.

I contributed various supplemental illustrations to the 1871 annual report for 2015.

Awarded in the 2016 STA 100

Book design for Monuments Travels by Thomson Dryjanski 

“Monument's Travels is an artist book questioning with the potency of photographs and the process therein. The viewer experiences a mimicry of the artist's physchogeographic quest to image the forces of urban planning, the bodies they move and populist methods opposing the grand design. In a fluid hierarchy of images, banality and routine is treated with the same regard as monuments and spectacle. A blank window shares the sharp focus of a statue long overlooked. Dry and quiet at first glance, this book is a Cheshire Cat's appreciation of the city.”

PECK. Wildlife


An informational booklet for PECK. a concept adapted from a Kickstarter project by James Woods. 

PECK. strives to create an accessible and sustainable method of education for children and adults to interact with nature, an integral component in a child’s development.

Children of the Playhouse
Exhibition Zine

A booklet for Children of the Playhouse. 

“Children of the Playhouse presents work by 25 artists whose work embodies the color, pattern, humor, and zaniness of the television show Pee-wee’s Playhouse. The artists in this exhibition continue the tradition of art that is not afraid to be representational, decorative and graphic, irreverent and playful and to embrace materiality and craft. Every object becomes an opportunity to celebrate its existence, to be the most version of that object, luxuriating in the extremes of color and form.“

Printing: Non-Porous

The Art and Manner of Arranging One’s Books


“Provisional classifications are those supposed to last only a few days, the time it takes for a book to discover or rediscover its definitive place."

The Art and Manner of Arranging One's Books
is an essay by Georges Perec that describes various methods of organizing a library. This one-color risographed 32 page booklet uses a concentrated selection of essays and books that I have interacted with to address my own chosen method of arrangement: provisionally. The booklet includes information on 15 chosen texts with Perec's essay continuing in the lower right hand corner of each spread.

Printing: Non-Porous